Monday, October 27, 2014

Rolled up sleeves and jeans

Rolled up sleeves and jeans are perfect for this kind of weather. Wintertime just kicked in and I love it! I sleep earlier and I can sleep longer, atleast it feels like that. However there are some cons ofcourse... It gets dark early. And with early I mean 5 o'clock, this makes it crazy difficult to make photos, as you can see by the quality of my photos. But I tried my best!

 As you may see this is just a simple outfit. But with wintertime comes winterweather and it's cold especially in the morning. I just bought this sweater and jeans so I wanted to show it to you guys!

 This jeans is really comfy, It isn't even really a jeans, it's a tregging. And to be honest I wear it like all the time since I got it :) Bought this sweater in size 14, go big or go home right?

 Forgot I got this necklace actually, which I really like cause it's like a present when you find it again. Am I the only one feeling like that or do you guys get my feeling?

Basically all primark
Sweater, jeans and shoes- Primark
Necklace- I forgot wherefrom 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Well, Well, Well

So I'm just going to blog like nothing happend...
No I can't I've been away for like a year and yes I feel ashamed of that. Okay, I'll explain myself: Last schoolyear I had some troubles with my grades so all my time went to school. Obviously not all my time but most of it (the friends and boyfriend also want some.) And because of that I didn't had time to blog but now school's been started for something like a month now and I still haven't blogged. I also have a good reason for that... I was afraid, I've been taking photos for the blog this holiday but I was afraid to post them. I don't really know why, probably because I've been away for so long now.

 A year is really long and a lot did happen this year. I want to make my blog a little more personal I'll tell you what all happend:
I turnt 17, (that's almost a year ago now, almost 18). I recently got my drivers license and I'm more then happy about that. I can finally ride my gorgeous Vespa (which I will show to you guys in one of the upcomming blogs.) I still got the same boyfriend, I don't really know if I ever told something about him but we're still in love! :) My fashion style has changed but I still want to do the same after I graduated from this school. I got a new closet which was pretty awsome. Further I don't really know anything I can tell you about my past year...I know for sure I forget something, you'll hear it later! 

 I really need to get used to making photos again because you unlearn really really quick.

 But for now, I really want to pick up blogging again. I hope most of you are still with me, when I look at the views the blog gets I still think you do but you never know. I want to change my blog a bit, I want to make it more personal, still about fashion, style and such but also some other things, we will see what life brings. And for those who are still reading, thank you I love you
Let just finish this post with a photo from my like a bunny:

Shirt- H&M
Blouse- Vintage
Shoes- H&M

Friday, August 23, 2013

Black Maxi Skirt And Fringes

 I finally have a new camera! And I'm healthy again, yeah! Time to go back to blogging, really missed it! To be honest I didn't even read all your comments till today and oh my! You guys are so sweet! Love you! One of the first things I noticed when I opened my blog was; GFC is still there! Hurraaay! I'm not going to talk alot guys because most of you probably don't even read it plus I never know what to write here, ghehe. 
Hope you all enjoy the photos and I'm glad to be back!

 yeah... I love this top, but my washing machine also loved it. So much he ate it, all the fringes were totally ruined and I had to untangle them and cut it, really sucks!

 Love the long skirt but he's a little bit see-trough so I have to wear a little black skirt underneath it...

Top- Tally Weijl
Bandeau- Ebay
Long skirt- Primark
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Xage

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Long time no see

Hii, I have so many excuses why I haven't post that long, but I won't list them all for you. My camera broke down and that really sucks plus I ain't got any time...But now I have an injury to my ankle and the only way I can transport myself is in a wheelchair or with crutches. And suddenly I have  lot of time left, but I can't make photos right now ofcourse. So I found some old photos I haven't shared with you yet. Anjoy the outfit guys!

 I love this jacket, It litterly goes with almost everything! 

 I can't wear this shoes anymore, the heel broke, It's so sad!

A little photo with my sister who made the pictures, thank you Lisanne!

Dress- New Look
Shoes- Ebay
Jacket- Primark

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dinner Outfit

Yesterday I recieved a really lovely necklace from eFoxcity, I'll make a post about it later when I feel okay again. These photos are from a while ago, my Grandparents were married for 50 years. And we celebrated it with the whole family. We had so much fun and my lovely Grandparents decided to gave all the Grandchildren a gift for the rest of their lives. They gave us our driving license, so sweet!

 I decided to curl my hair, I actually had curls a few years ago but now it's almost totally straight. These curls didn't last that long, after a few hours my hair was back to normal but I liked it for the time it lasted.

These heels are killing! They defenatly aren't made for walking, but they're really pretty! So I decided to take my chance and really hoped I didn't had to walk to much and I wasn't that lucky and we had a kind of 'walking buffet' but I'm still alive without any blisters or sprained ankles so it all went well!

I love the way this skirt looks but I'm really not comfortable with wearing it to school or something because the wind blows it up so easy. How do you guys do that stuff without totally awkward situations?

And a little photo with my daddy who interrupted my little 'photoshoot', I don't think he's going to interrupt me another time when he sees this post... haha :)

-Primark outfit-
Skirt- Primark
Blouse- Primark
Shoes- Primark

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Highwaisted Burgundy

 I'm really need to say sorry! I've been again so long...17 days to be exactly and I promise you it won't happen again! But I've been so busy, with school and other things I just couldn't find the time. But alot happend in these 17 days: My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, I got my first car driving lesson and I had my test week, which I hope I did well. I'll upload the photos onetime!

I really like this blouse, whenever I don't know what what to wear but don't want to wear something like a sweater this blouse is a great choice!

 I wore this on a school day and I was like: ow which shoes do I have to wear and these shoes were perfect! The color matches the blouse perfect!

 These photos are from I don't know, something like a week ago. Right now I've been to the hairdresser and looking at these photos I realize how short my hair is right now compared with these photos. But it's really healthy right now, so it's okay!

yeah, thanks wind, really nice..
I'm really gonna try to post more darlings, I'll find a way!

Blouse- Newyorker
Necklace- Amy's
Jeans-Little shop, I don't know it anymore
Shoes- Sneakers Rotterdam
Watch- Casio